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MGS4 Real-Time Demo

At the Tokyo Game Show next week, there will be a trailer of the PS3-exclusive MGS4 done in realtime, run from actual PS3 hardware. And remember that current PS3 hardware is not final.

That’s actual PS3-generated content, apparently, and not just footage rendered to a certain target specification – which ties in with what Kojima was saying recently about showing “something from PS3” at the event. We do love those thoroughly ambiguous interview answers.

Speaking of which, he had also said to expect something that wasn’t just a high-resolution version of what we had previously, but something “a little more natural and with a natural flow when creating a world”. Expect codec conversations about herbal remedies and the beauty and variety of orchids, then.

This is a game I’m really looking forward to seeing, because I think the folks at Kojima Productions will work hard to wring everything it can from the PS3 console.

Eurogamer – Metal Gear 4 trailer real-time