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PS3 Harder to Develop For?

Sony has learned its lesson from the PS2. The developer support for the PS2 wasn’t all that great, and Sony expected more third party tools for PS2 development. They learned this lesson well, and with the launch of the PSP, Sony showed it by providing much better tools.

They plan to do the same for the PS3, making sure developers have solid tools for developing PS3 games. But will it be as easy as developing games for the Xbox 360? I used Microsoft’s developer tools for normal application development every day, and I have to say that they are nice. There’s a few quirks here and there, but their debugger, especially, is great.

So it’s no surprise that Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek says “The PS3 is a system which needs special adjustments particularly designed to cut on the PS3 architecture – a simple port doesn’t work.”

Yerli makes further comments later in the interview. “…we want to use the power of the PS3 completely. Accordingly, the PS3 has nearly received its completely own engine architecture, a kind sub-architecture in the CryEngine 2,” he says.

What about the difference between Xbox and 360 versus current PCs and the next-generation machines? “Before we had the PS3 devkits, we thought that PS3 and Xbox 360 were closer than PC and console – with development now, however, that does not seem so [laughs],” he says.

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