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PSM has More PS3 Details

PSM magazine, not the most objective of sources (like this one!), will have some more PS3 news in an upcoming magazine, according to Spong and CVG.

One of the most interesting tidbits is that some developers feel that the PS3 is easier to develop for than the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360’s development tools are very good, and if this rumour is true it would be quite an achievement. But we know that Sony has learned its lesson from the PS2, so we know that the tools are much better than the previous generation’s. Whether or not they’re better than the Xbox 360’s is another matter!

Another is that Sony is targetting a worldwide launch in the summer of 2006. The debut would occur at CES in Las Vegas, in an attempt to spoil the Xbox 360’s momentum.

We also know that Sony has been working hard on an online strategy. Previously we learned that Sony is trying to make the online service accessible by the PSP and PS3 (and maybe even the PS2). But now we hear that supposedly the service will be available upon the PS3’s launch. It will include associated friends lists, matchmaking and ‘intelligence’ services.

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