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MGS4 Details from Famitsu

Japanese magazine Famitsu seems to get all the good stuff. This time they’ve got some delectable details about MGS4 and scans of the pages from the magazine have been making the rounds.

The scans show what looks to be a much older Solid Snake, grey hair and everything. There are also hitech mech-like robots and Solid Snake seems to be wearing a special eye-gadget connected to a small robo, Metal Gear Mark II, that lets him see infrared and other info.

Director Kojima has confirmed that the game will take place in a war zone.

The game will feature multiple countries waging external wars and suffering from internal strife. Kojima plans to add realism to the relationships between Snake and the countries to make it more than just a simple character-enemy relationship. For example, if Snake kills a soldier from one country, he may end up allying with its opponent.

Kojima says that he hopes to make Metal Gear Solid 4 more “natural” than previous installments in the series. With the hardware shift to the PlayStation 3, the developers will be able to give natural motions and facial expressions to the characters–eliminating the need for exclamation points to appear above soldiers’ heads when they recognize something.

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