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Xbox 360 Release Dates

It looks like the Xbox 360 will get a staggered release after all, though the staggering is pretty tight. Maybe that makes it more of a stumble.

Microsoft has always said that it would launch the Xbox 360 globally and simultaneously. Chief Xbox Officer Robbie Bach clarified this Wednesday, saying that “We will launch in North America, Europe and Japan in the same holiday season. There will probably be a week or 10 days in between the different territories, just to give us a chance to manage the logistics.”

Makes sense, really. It’s hard to launch a major product all over the world simultaneously. It’s pretty obvious that North America will get the Xbox 360 first. The question then becomes: who gets it next? Japan or Europe?

Reuters – Microsoft sees week between Xbox debuts

Well, the answer came at the Tokyo Game Show. First, North America, of course. Then Europe, then Japan.

  • North America: November 22, 2005
  • Europe: December 2, 2005
  • Japan: December 10, 2005

This will put the Xbox 360 on store shelves in time for Thanksgiving. – Xbox 360 to hit shelves before Thanksgiving