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Stealing PS3 Games: Not so Easy

One of my readers asked about the pirating scene on the PS3. Chris from Australia writes:

I was just wondering whether you guys should discuss the pirating scene which will arise when the PS3 is released and what measures Sony and Gaming Companies are doing to prevent pirating of their games.

I haven’t heard any specific measures that Sony will use to combat piracy for their PS3 games, but piracy prevention has been a big topic for Blu-ray, the disc format to be used by the PS3. I discussed this topic over on Blu-ray discs use 3 technologies to discourage pirating: Advanced Access Content System (AACS), BD+, and ROM Mark. (For details see the article.) I think that if a game for the PS3 is released on a Blu-ray disc, that the software publisher could probably use any combination of those three technologies to protect their game. As we know, every content protection system will be broken eventually, but these three tools will make it very difficult for miscreants to copy games illegally.

So if you want to see how fast games get cracked on the PS3, you can also watch the BD (Blu-ray Disc) movie scene, and see how fast cracked versions of BD movies show up.