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Revolution Controller Can Only Help

Quick, who’s the current generation’s market leader? PS2, right. Second? Xbox, right. Third? GameCube. Nintendo’s relationship with the video gaming public has gone from darling to black sheep. The GameCube, while it does have some pretty good games, is embarrassingly behind the other two consoles.

Nintendo is hoping to change all that with their new controller. I’ve heard some people call it gimicky, and it kind of looks that way at first. But upon further reflection, I think these controllers could be really fun. And fun is really what video games are all about, right? So what if you’re waving your arms about like a possessed monkey. Maybe the monkeys know how to have all the fun!

My friend Steve has a GameCube and is wondering whether or not to get a revolution. He doesn’t like the fact that it doesn’t support HD. His TV is started to act possessed as well, flickering brighter and darker as we try to dodge other monkey balls. So Steve will be getting a new TV probably sooner and not later. And it’ll be an HDTV. Needless to say, he wishes the Revolution supported HD.

But you know, in a way, I hope he does end up getting the Revolution. I am really curious about these controllers, and I think that some really fun games can be made with them. Nintendo of Europe’s senior director of marketing, Jim Merrick, believes the controller “Certainly could make us market leader.” But I somehow doubt that. But I sure am looking forward to what kind of games Nintendo has in store for those controllers. – Rev controller ‘could make Nintendo market leader’