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Sony Reorg wrt Gaming : As You Were

If you haven’t been living exclusively in the basement playing video games, you’ll know that Sony last week announced 10,000 layoffs and a bit of a corporate restructuring. How does this affect us PlayStation people? Not much, really.

Sony will continue to work towards making the PSP a huge success. Sony will continue to do all it can to bring the PS3 to market in a spectacular fashion. (Words mine.)

“Creating a seamless link between the device and the service is crucial,” said Mike McGuire, an analyst with Gartner Inc. “That’s what Apple has done, and that’s what Sony wants to do with the PSP. Consumers are nothing if not foragers of digital content. With the PSP, you can connect to the Internet, browse and download content other than games.”

“Given the fact that PS3 means much more than just video gaming, it’s going to be important to all their media studios,” said P.J. McNealy, an analyst at American Technology Research. “This comes at a time when all internal content — whether or not it’s music, movies or games — will be important to the PS3.”

IGN – PSP, PS3 Priority in Sony Reorganization