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Sony’s PS3 Development Tools

PS3Sony has made a range of announcements about development tools for the PS3. Sony is beginning its tools and middleware licensing programs on October 1st. SCEI will start offering technical and marketting support at that time as well.

The initial list of tools and middleware licensees for the PlayStation 3 (in alphabetical order) are Alias Systems, Autodesk, Avid Technology, CRI Middleware, Emergent Game Technologies (recently merged with Numerical Design), Epic Games, Firelight Technologies, Havok, Interactive Data Visualization, Metrowerks Games Team, Pixelux Entertainment, RAD Game Tools, SiliconStudio and Web Technology Corp.

Also today, SCEI officials announced that the company has completed its acquisition of SN Systems and will start providing evaluation versions and final ProDG tools to the development community from October, along with the PlayStation 3 SDK (software development kit).

Like I’ve stated before, Sony has learned from from the bad PS2 development tools, and for the PSP and PS3 they’ve really picked up the game. This is great news.

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