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Toshiba Unveils Cell Reference Set

It’s so strange to see Toshiba collaborating with Sony when they’re fighting tooth and nail in the blue laser disc market. But such is the vagaries of corporate life, I guess. What am I talking about? The cell proessor of course!

At CEATEC in Japan, Toshiba showed off a reference set for the next generation Cell processor.

At the exhibition site, the company showed 48 pieces of moving-images encoded with MPEG-2 MP@ML and demonstrated the decoding processing and a development environment using Eclipse. Toshiba booth also drew people’s attention with a demo showing that a face image shot by a camera is recognized so in real time and how makeup-like patterns are overlaid on the face image. In addition, the chassis, which had not been disclosed when the reference set had been announced in September 2005, was exhibited this time. The interfaces, including that for USB, IEEE1394, HDMI, are provided on the front surface of the chassis.

It looks like the Cell really does have some wide support, which can only be good for the future of the PS3 (or PS4!).

Tech-On! – Toshiba Unveils Cell Reference Set