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Face of the 360?

Our friends over at Aelon have a nice op-ed about the face of the Xbox 360. Will there be a title character you think of then you think of the Xbox 360? Plagiarize thinks Kameo has a lot of potential.

That title is the one I preordered. That title is Kameo.

Lets not get anything confused here. The X-Box has lacked a title like Kameo. It never got an original, quality, platform title. It either had ports, remakes or exclusives that were on the shitty side like Blinx.

Maybe you think the X-Box doesn’t need a character platformer… and maybe you’d be right, but you have to remember that Microsoft isn’t aiming the 360 at the X-Box market. They’re going for the PlayStation 2 market, and they aren’t going to take it without at least one game that can nestle amongst the Jak and Daxters and the Ratchet and Clanks and the Sly Coopers. Those are all high quality platformers that have seen the PS2 the place to go for platforming goodness. Of this generation, I only know of two high quality platform titles that didn’t make it onto the PS2. Mario Sunshine and the Conker remake.

The op-ed is actually more than just that. 😉 So go check it out. – Face of the 360?