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Autodesk Ships 3ds Max 8

Yesterday Autodesk announced that it was shipping 3ds max 8, the next version of its 3D content creation package. In a previous life I developed plugins for 3ds max, and it was work that I quite enjoyed. Autodesk. Hmmm. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Yup, it should. They recently purchased Alias, the makers of Maya, probably the leading 3D content creation package in Hollywood. Now Autodesk owns the 3D package most used by game artists, and the 3D package most used by movie artists. Nice position to be in.

“When our artists got their hands on the 3ds Max 8 beta, there was no turning back. The time savings from silver-bullet features like Pelt Mapping meant that we immediately put the beta in production for Gears of War and Unreal Tournament 2007,” said Michael Capps, Ph.D., president, Epic Games. “We’ve been working with the 3ds Max team since the Microsoft DOS days, collaborating on ways to make the Unreal Engine’s content pipeline more efficient. We dream up a few crazy features, and they turn around a new version in no time.”

How does this relate to the PS3? Directly if you’re a PS3 game developer. It looks like 3ds max is used by Epic Games. Epic sells the Unreal Engine 3, to be available for the PS3. And Epic uses 3ds max. Ah, there’s the connection. You knew there must be one, right?

GameSHOUT – Autodesk Ships 3ds Max 8 Software