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engadget disses PS3 (kinda)

PS3Engadget has always been pretty Xbox 360 happy. (I refuse to use the term fanboys – I don’t like it.) And that’s fine. They can like the Xbox 360 all they want. But when the start to say things like the following, I get annoyed.

Yeah, so the PS3 will probably have the edge over the Xbox 360 in graphics and sheer computational power, but after actually playing some of these games it’s hard to imagine all but the most diehard Sony fanboys holding out for the 5 – 7 months that’ll pass before Sony introduces their console.

Why is that so hard to imagine? Do they think that Xbox 360 games will be so superior to PS3 games that Sony fans will fall over themselves switching sides? Why is that? Do Xbox 360 developers have a monopoly on cool game ideas? Does the Xbox 360 have such cool hardware that it makes its games de facto superior? Is an American product inherently better than a Japanese product? Or maybe Sony fans like us are so week-willed that all the hype Microsoft is forcing down our throats will actually get digested and enter our blood streams?

I don’t think so. I think I’ll just let the hype pass through, thank-you very little.

I’m not saying the PS3 will have better games than the Xbox 360, nor vice versa. What I am saying is that you can’t judge the games until you’ve played them. How many folks at Engadget have played a PS3 game? I think the answer might hover around zero.

Personally, while I think that releasing first gives Microsoft one kind of advantage, it gives Sony another. Sony can see everything Microsoft is doing right and wrong, and respond to it in time for the PS3 launch.

The proof is in the pudding, and I haven’t eaten either yet. Personally, I think they’ll both be good. Anyone else think the way I do?

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