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Next generation physics. Next generation graphics. Next generation storage and connectivity. The PS3 will be quite a machine. What will this mean when you boot up the next Champions of Norrath? Or the next Gauntlet? How will all this now power give you a better RPG experience? I’m thinking of Gauntlet-type RPGs. That’s games like X-Men Legends, Champions of Norrath, etc.

Last time I looked at racing games, and mentioned graphics, physics, and sound. I think that’ll be a common theme among the next generation games. (Duh!) In general, the graphics will take a big step up with things like better reflections, better shadows, lighting effects, water, etc. But I think it’ll really be the physics that’ll be the WOW factor with next-generation games. Witness Fatal Inertia. Sure, it’s not an RPG, but lots of the stuff you see there could be applied to an RPG as well.

Rock avalanches, bridges collapsing, trees and grass swaying in the wind. Forest fires, spectacular spells, and dragons with great flaming breath. Imagine hacking at a foe and having their weapons and armour fly off, bounce off the wall, land in a fire and start to burn. Kick the fire and a shower of sparks blinds the enemy. His leg catches fire, and he goes down in a flury of flames. Or shoot the bridge to bring it down on a boss’s head. Better zooming and rotating. Characters that slip on a rocky slope, and you have to recover.

The sound will be in DD 5.1, so you’ll get the whole surround-sound effect. While this will be great when campaigning by yourself or online, I’m unsure of its usefullness when playing with other friends.

And of course, all this in full four-player glory. Or online! Your choice. Wait a sec… seven players! Hey, maybe a couple of the players could choose to play the bad guys in each encounter, making it tougher for the main adventurers. This would allow easy pick-up play by friends that come over on a less-than-regular basis. Coooool…

I know I’m missing lots of things here, help me out.