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Top 10 Reasons to Wait for the PS3

PS3If you’re reading this, you’re interested in the PS3, maybe even enough to buy one. And why would you want to do that? In no particular order, here’s what I came up with:

  1. HD with 1080p output. HD is awesome. The pinnacle of HD is 1920 x 1080 progressive, and the PS3 supports it.
  2. MGS4, or Metal Gear Solid 4. Need I really say more?
  3. Cell processor. The Cell processor looks to eclipse anything that’s come before. The physics power of the 7 SPE’s will make for games that rock!
  4. Blu-ray. The PS3 support Blu-ray drives for higher storage and for movies in HD.
  5. Bluetooth. The controllers use the Bluetooth wireless standard instead of something proprietary. You’ll also be able to use other Bluetooth devices with the PS3.
  6. Sony. Sony may have some problems here and there, but they know their stuff when it comes to gaming.
  7. PSP. Supposedly you’ll be able to use the PSP and PS3 together. It’ll be cool to see what they come up with.
  8. Online. Sony recognizes that online is becoming more important – the PS2 has more online users than any other platfrom (according to Sony). But on the other hand, they recognize that it is just part of the whole package. Personally, I look forward to downloading movie trailers in HD and other such goodies more than I do online play.
  9. PS2 Backwards Compatibility. The PS3 has it, so I won’t need to keep my PS2. (But how will I transfer my savegames?)
  10. Broad Industry Support. Already, 102 games have been announced for the PS3, and it is still a long way from release. Gran Turismo. Motorstorm. Heavenly Sword. Etc etc etc.

Would your top ten list be different? Tell me how.


  1. My list of reasons to wait for the PS3:

    1. Burnout on the PS3 in HD.
    2. Killzone
    3. MGS4… even though I hate MGS
    4. Cool looking controllers with Bluetooth
    5. Blu-Ray
    6. Warhawk

  2. Francois

    Mouse and keyboard support for FPS
    Blue Ray Support
    The Hype! If Sony deliver what they promise (game like Motorstorm for example), I can be very patient!
    Gran Turismo 5

  3. paintist

    1. You will be able to hook ps3’s together in order to utilize more processing power. It’s an inherent feature of the cell processor. Sony might plan on using these stations as “rendering farms” Which, I think, means while your ps3 is idling (still on) Sony can send it bits a data for processing (think Seti@home Folding@home distributed computing style)

    2. If it does indeed come with a harddrive.. talk about OSes people! Linux PS3 anyone?

  4. Scott

    Sorry but i find some of those points very hard to believe, 5. Bluetooth, a expensive wireless platform, 6. Sony? please! They’ve only just and gone and over hyped every gaming product they’ve launched, especially the Sony PSP and PlayStation 2, If anything, Sony’s lies are something to NOT wait for the PS3.

    And finally, number 8, why would someone want to wait for the PS3 when its competing with the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live? Of course PS2 Online has more membered, but thats because the PS2 has sold over 70 million more consoles than the Xbox, Microsoft already have an established platform going into the next generation which is a far better service than the PlayStation Online service, so again, Online would be a reason to not wait for the PS3.

  5. Scott

    Also, Paintist i dont mean to be over critical, but your first point is untrue isnt it? CELL processors can be joined to create even more powerful processors but not with the PS3 (atleast Sony hasnt announced plans)

    And your second point is invalid as its an “IF” also its a games console, who cares about Linux?

  6. Scott:

    You can’t deny that the PlayStation and the PlayStation 2 were the most successful consoles of their generation. While that may be no guarantee of success for the coming generation, I don’t think it’s a black mark either.

    And yes, I like the inclusion of Bluetooth. It’s my top-ten list, if you have a diffreent one, please post it.

    I also don’t understand your criticism against the inclusion of Linux. It’s a games console, sure, but if you want to run Linux on it, why not? That can certainly be a plus for many people. And while it hasn’t been set in stone yet, Linux was also available for the PS2, so it is likely (especially given that it was strongly hinted at) that we’d be getting it for the PS3.

  7. Scott

    I am not being critical of Linux being included i’m just saying he put it as a thing of waiting but it was an IF so that doesnt really count.

    And i’d be stupid to even attempt to deny how succesful the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 where in sales etc. but surely you can admit that Sony has undelivered, especially where the PlayStation 2 and PSP are concerned.

    I agree with alot of your points, especially the HD1080p, Blu-ray, and CELL processor and theres nothing much that i’d like to add.

  8. paintist

    Quotes from Masayuki Chatani, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.’s Chief Technology Officer:
    “Of course you can connect PS3s together. After it’s on sale, some will make a supercomputer by connecting many PS3s. Apparently Sony Picture Entertainment is considering to use PS3 in a rendering farm for movies.”

  9. joshua

    even though the xbox 360 is a great system the ps3 playstation once again takes over the gaming industry

  10. joshua krywy

    even though the xbox 360 is a great system the ps3 playstation once again takes over the gaming industry i just cant wait to get it does anyone know when its release date is

  11. top 10 reasons to buy a PS3…
    1:Gran Turismo 5 🙂
    2:Gran Turismo 5 🙂
    3:Gran Turismo 5 🙂
    4:Gran Turismo 5 🙂
    5:Gran Turismo 5 🙂
    … etc

  12. chris

    i heard christmas 2006 butnot confirmed yet

  13. Hector Allan

    I only have to reasons to get ps3

    1.- The new Gran Theft Auto
    2.- Gran Turismo 5

  14. When you say wait, you really do mean wait… as in wait till after the ps3 is released so that the ps3 falls in price by at least 100 – 200 $

  15. Tony Hawk Project 8 looks absolutely amazing, and Gran Trusismo should be another awesome game. Playing Blueray movies is a nice bonus. I’m going to try to get one from buy a ps3 when it is released.

  16. bob

    My top 10 reasons:

    1. Home looks like the greatest online chatroom ever!
    2. 60GB makes for maHOOsive game maps!
    3. Onlilne multiplayer!
    4. Motorstorm
    5. It supports Blu-Ray, and stand alone Blu-Ray disc players cost well in exsess of $1000
    6. Resistance: Fall of Man
    7. Gran Turismo HD looks stunning
    8. GTA:IV looks set to be the biggest and best Grand Theft Auto ever!
    9. It supports 1080p High Definition
    10. It kicks the Xbox 360 into the middle of next week!