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Next-gen graphics, next-gen sound, next-gen physics. The PS3 promises all of these things. Previously I’ve posted some ruminations about what PS3 racing games and RPGs might be like. This time I’m thinking about first-person shooters (FPSs).

Although I’m not sure I should really bother.

I mean, with trailers like Killzone PS3 one, do I need to? Everything next-gen is right there in the video. The Killzone trailer shown at E3 was simply amazing. Though not rendered in realtime, it shows what a PS3 game can aspire to.

The graphics are simply astounding. Exhaust trails, explosions, detailed characters. Great animations. Very real looking sets.

Gameplay wise, it was interesting to see some interaction between players, with one NPC (non-player character) giving a weapon to the player. NPCs also told the player what to do. The utter mayhem was just astounding, with things happening everywhere. Kinda like the MotorStorm trailer.

How close will a real play-it PS3 FPS look compared to the Killzone PS3 demo? I don’t know. That Killzone demo was recorded at 5 FPS and sped up to 30 FPS. That means the developers have pull out a six-fold increase in performance to get it up to realtime. I have to say I’m skeptical. I don’t think that it’s do-able, though I’m hope I’m wrong.

But even if we can’t get up to Killzone quality, getting close will still be pretty great. I can’t wait to see some in-game footage. Maybe we’ll see something at the PS3 festival coming up on October 22 – 30 in Tokyo.