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Japanese Like PS3, Xbox 360 too (a little)

Xbox 360If the latest poll figures are to be believed, Microsoft is doing very well in Japan compared to last time around.

According to Famitsu, 23.9% of Japanese gamers are interested in aquiring an Xbox 360. The number one reason for getting the Xbox 360? The controller. And you know, I have to agree with them. Unless Sony enhances their controller for the next gen, Microsoft’s controller will be the one to beat. Hey Sony! Are you listening???

That compares to 63.2% of gamers who are interested in buying a PS3. Number one reason? The features. Kind of nebulous, I know, but there are a lot of them to choose from. And the number three reason not to buy the PS3 was… the controller. Surprise surprise.

As the interface to the console, the controller has to be just right. And it looks like Microsoft is getting it this time around. And while the DualShock is a great controller, it’s getting a little long in the tooth. It needs to be a bit more ergonomic, maybe some online functionality. But most importantly, it needs triggers! I’ve mentioned this before, but got no reaction. Anybody at all agree with me?

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