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Sony Online - No Dent

PS3Well, I’ve had a couple days to mull it over. According to Electronic Gaming Monthly #197 (via Joystiq), Sony ‘may be waiting until “right before the Xbox 360 goes on sale this November” to “unveil its grand online plans (including user transactions, multimedia functions, and a bunch of other fancy-schmancy features).” ‘

I don’t really think it matters. It doesn’t really matter at all when Sony announces their online features. It won’t have any kind of impact on the Xbox 360 launch whatsoever. Xbox Live is so awesome, the most Sony can really do is match it. And matching it is not good enough to change people’s minds about buying an Xbox 360.

If Sony really wanted to make a dent in the sales of the Xbox 360, they’d hold a huge event with the following:

  1. Online Plans. Yeah, yeah, I know what I just said. But if you include this with the other items below, as a package I think it would make a difference.
  2. Price. Announce the price of the console already. Let people know what’s coming. If people know the price, then the console will feel more real for them.
  3. Release Date and Territories. Same argument as for price.
  4. Playable Demos. Everyone is tired of seeing movies. I know, I know. At the equivalent point in the Xbox 360 launch, we hadn’t seen anything more than movies either. But still, you can’t equate these launches. Sony will have to do things differently than Microsoft, because they’re coming to the market second.

That’s it. If Sony does/reveals those four things, I think they could increase their mindshare considerably. And do it not on the eve of the Xbox 360 launch. Do it right when all the Xbox 360 reviews etc actually hit the internet. Maybe a day or two after the launch.

Bah, who am I kidding. I’m a software developer, not a marketing genius. Or am I…

Joystiq – Sony online announcement set for 360 launch?