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Ah, those Crazy Rumour Kids

Ever play that game where you whisper a phrase into someone’s ear, then they repeat it to someone else, etc? Then at the end, it gets all mangled? Like “John’s blue underwear got pink in the wash” turns into “John ate a pizza with a cockroach on it”.

Well, some statements start out with the cockroach already in it, and it’s a wonder why anybody even bothers to repeat it to anyone else. There are certainly some rumours that should be dismissed out of hand and forgotten. But no, they get repeated all over the place, growing like a snowball. Like the one about Sony dropping router functionality from the PS3, even though it was never an announced feature. All of a sudden Sony was cutting features to make the deadline. Yeah, well, that one was put to bed eventually. Now there’s one about Sony cutting backwards compatibility to meet launch date. Yup, that one’s a hoax too.

How about I whisper something else in your ear – I just want to see how it’ll come back: “Sony sells sea-shells by the sea-shore.”

Joystiq – PS3 to jettison backwards compatibility in order to launch this decade?