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No PS3 News from Festival

Well, for those of us looking for PS3 news at the PlayStation Festival, it’s been a disappointing couple of days.

The only PS3 stuff at the show is a theater showing PS3 trailers from TGS. Well, except for one little tidbit (and no, this is not a “one more thing” moment like Mr. Jobs likes to pull).

The only truly noteworthy thing to take from this event is that Sony showed the Final Fantasy 7 demo–one would think that they would not bring a mere tech demo this late in the game if an actual release wasn’t intended. Nor would they put it in one of the marquee spots at the end of the trailer reel along with their killer app-MGS4. But this is all idle speculation on the part of this reporter.

When’s the next event at which we could learn some significant PS3 info? Well, there’s always CES in January. Sony might also decide to release some new info to battle the Xbox 360 release, but that’s just conjecture.

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