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Koei Expands in Toronto

Aaaaah yes. My tax dollars at work. It’s a good thing us canucks need game developers so badly that the government is willing to take money from each and every one of us and give it to Koei. What would we be without an additional set of young men and women working on entertainment software? I mean, we really really need this. I think I’ll write my MP and tell him that our government should invest even more money in entertainment software companies. Then maybe we can be the entertainment software capital of the world!!! Harr ha ha haaaa…..

Yeah, I know this is only vaguely related to the PS3. Koei Canada is, after all, developing Fatal Inertia, a podrace-type of racing game for the PS3. Actually, if I remember correctly, it’ll even be a launch title. And looks cool.

But anyway.

It’ll be nice to know that when I (perhaps) go to WalMart and pick up a copy that I’ll already have paid for a portion of it. I’m just getting my money back. It all comes full circle, you know. Karma. Circle of life. Little lions and all that. – Koei Expands Canadian Development Studio