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PS3 is Reality Synthesizer

It should come as no surprise that there was another expo at which Sony didn’t reveal anything new about the PS3. Well, Mr. Ken Kutaragi was a speaker at WPC Expo in Tokyo, but he didn’t really say much.

Today’s new buzzword, introduced by Kutaragi during his speech, is “Reality Synthesis.” Kutaragi used this term (he said it in English) to describe what he feels is the core of the PS3: “creating a real time world in real time.”

Kutaragi also tossed out many of the concepts Sony’s been using in tandem with the PS3 since the start, from home servers to interconnected CELL processors. The CELL will allow for multiple streams of noise-free high definition video with a wide dynamic range and high frame rate. Using a home server featuring multiple CELL processors, you’ll be able to download contents from the internet using high speed connections and up convert it in real time before playing on the PS3. And so on….

Yeah I know, all stuff we’ve heard before.

IGN: PS3: Reality Synthesizer