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360 vs PS3 - disc formats

In a report supposedly by Jason Kraft and Chris Kwak of Susquehanna Financial Group, they look at the Xbox 360 and the PS3 with respect to their storage formats.

They note that the PSOne won over the N64 partly because its CD format had a 640MB capacity vs the N64 cartridge’s 128MB. In the current generation, the PS2 and Xbox formats were the same (DVD), so other factors were used to differentiate the systems.

The next generation of consoles use Blu-ray and DVD drives, in the PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively. For some reason, the article liked to compare the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD, which the Xbox 360 doesn’t have. It also mentioned the Blu-ray media’s higher price as a negative against the PS3. But you know, PS3 games don’t have to come on BD discs! My guess is that if a game fits on a single DVD, they’ll publish the game on a DVD. If multiple DVD’s would be required, they’ll publish on a BD instead.

Then Joystiq goes on to say that the report missed out on discussing the Xbox 360’s HDD. Well, Joystiq missed out on the fact that the PS3 will have an HDD too!

Joystiq – DVD format matters: Xbox 360 VS. PS3