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THQ Commits Equally to PS3 and Xbox 360

There’s been some talk recently about developers not liking PS3 development tools. Usually from obscure sources where someone heard it from someone who told two friends.

So when I hear some hard facts about developer commitment one way or another, it’s refreshing. Gamespot talked to THQ CEO Brian Farrell in an interview:

The THQ executives said they would divide their 2006 development efforts among all three consoles. When asked to estimate the division of resources, Farrell said the company would roughly allocate 40 percent for the Xbox 360, 40 percent for the PS3, and 20 percent for the Revolution. “We’ll focus a little less on Revolution until we see more,” he said, saying the company was increasing its initial work on games for Nintendo’s new console.

So there you have it. At least one developer has gone on record to say that their PS3 and Xbox 360 commitments are both about equal. Unfortunately for the Revolution, they’re only spending half the resources on the Revolution than either of the other two consoles.

Gamespot – THQ lessens loss, talks next-gen