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PS3 vs Mac mini

PS3Every once-in-a-while someone has a weird idea. Like combining chocolate and peanut butter. (Yuck!) Or inventing a lightbulb. I had that kind of moment the other day. (Yes! Exactly like that!)

It occured to me the other day that the PS3 and Mac mini have lots of things in common. PowerPC processors, small form factors, no keyboard or mouse, etc.

So I put together a table comparing the two. (I know I know. One’s a personal computer, the other’s a game system. But I like to have some fun, okay?)

PS3 Mac Mini
Price ~ $500 (guess) $500
Processor 3.2GHz PPC Cell 1.25GHz PPC G4
Memory 256MB main, 256MB video (shared) 512MB, 32MB video
Graphics nVIDIA RSX ATI Radeon 9200
Hard Disk Optional 40GB
Bluetooth Standard Optional
Wireless 802.11 b/g AirPort Extreme Optional
OS Linux Optional Mac OS X
Modem 56K Modem
Ethernet 3 x 10/100/1000 1 x 10/100
Digital Video Out 2 x HDMI DVI
USB 6 x USB 2 x USB
FireWire/iLink 1 x FireWire
Memory Stick Yes
SD Memory Yes
Compact Flash Yes
Digital Audio Out Optical
Game Controller Yes

Note that the video memory in the PS3 is shared. So it can be used as main memory if necessary. Knowing this, the 256MB vs 512MB of memory disparity doesn’t look so bad. But for what I’m about to propose, a little bit more memory could defnitely help.

It looks like the mini has the advantage when it comes to memory, built-in HDD, Firewire, and the operating system. The PS3 seems to have the advantage everywhere else, if the price remains at $500 or below.

Basically, it looks like the PS3 is a fully capable home computer, similar to a Mac mini in form factory and specs. Hmmm. What could Sony and Apple do with that?

I’m thinking that Sony and Apple should work together to put OS X and Front Row on the PS3. Now I know that a long time ago, there was a rumour that OS X would be available for the PS3, and we all know that it was just wild conjecture. But I think the idea has merit. Apple could sell hard disc drives (HDDs) for the PS3 that come with OS X preinstalled. Then your PS3 becomes a fully functional general purpose computer with media center capabilities. Awesome hardware and awesome software combined for a totally killer package.

Advantages for Apple:

  1. Marketshare. Get OS X into millions more homes.
  2. Money. Additional source of revenue.

Isn’t that enough? Advantages for Sony:

  1. Apple’s slick OS. OS X’s user experience is simply the best. This would be a big draw to get people to buy PS3s.
  2. Front Row Media Experience. New media center software from Apple that looks sharp. Sony wouldn’t need to roll their own, and could rely on Apple.
  3. Internet, e-mail, etc. General purpose software would all be taken care of by Apple.
  4. Higher PS3 sales. Wouldn’t everyone and their dog buy a PS3 if you could run OS X on it? Killer.

Advantages for the consumer: see the above.

So, anybody who thinks this may actually happen, raise your hands. I can’t see any hands over the internet, but for some strange reason, I think the number I see would be the same even if I could. 🙂