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PSP Media Manger

Sony just introduced a media manager for the PSP. Personally, I don’t own a PSP, so those of you that do can clue me in as to how good this thing is. Sony is offering this $19.95 download to users who’d like to manage their files a little easier.

“Now, with the release of the new PSP Media Manager software, we’re providing Sony technology that lets users easily optimize and transfer their content from the PC to their PSP system using a familiar drag-and-drop interface,” says Dave Chaimson, Vice President of Marketing, Sony Media Software. “Whether your source is 16:9 high definition video footage, a collection of photos from your latest vacation, or a PSP formatted publication, this new technology lets you view and share it anywhere you and your PSP system go.”

I’m really curious as to what this software will look like and how it’ll work. Why? I’m guessing that Sony will offer similar software for the PS3. – PSP Media Manger Manages To Be Unveiled

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