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MGS4 Real-Time Details

MGS4For those of us thirsting for any real PS3 information lately, one drop of cool water was the fact that the MGS4 demo at TGS this year was realtime. Since the demo looked so good, it was great to know what the PS3 was capable of. But what, exactly, was done to show that real time demo? The Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine knows:

While the trailer already poked a few jokes at the PS3 Killzone’s expense, Kojima added a few more comments, saying, “This trailer isn’t a CG or something that we’ve rendered on a high-spec PC. This is the real thing on a PlayStation 3 development kit.” Kojima then aired the trailer again, but this time he actually pulled out a controller (we weren’t close enough to see, but the dev-kit controller resembled a regular PS2 DualShock 2 controller) to show that the trailer wasn’t just a prerendered movie, but something that could be manipulated.

Making little side comments here and there (“[Snake is] a bit pigeon-toed,” “All the equipment made by Otacon carries this mark…”), Kojima would pause the trailer and manipulate the camera, showing that everything was being generated in real time. Details not seen in the trailer, such as Snake’s feet, were revealed during this demo. Kojima then showed off just how detailed the trailer was by zooming onto a part of Snake’s costume to reveal a hidden logo. So after teasing us with a PS2-generated trailer at E3, Kojima gave us a real-time demonstration of the PS3’s power at TGS, and for PS2 gamers, it was the highlight of the show.

OPM – PS3 Watch