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Stringer banking on HD and PS3

PS3It looks like Sony is betting big time on the PS3. So says Howard Stringer, the new CEO:

Sony’s array of hardware and software products is creating a new “high-definition value chain that starts with cameras and goes through projectors and television sets and ends up with the PS3. You can see an HD necklace with all the pearls connected,” Stringer said.

“Owning the content as we do is all of a sudden part of an integrated relationship with the device. Each understands the value of the other. And that is what makes Sony so unique, since we make them both,” Stringer said. “More and more, you will see Sony’s fully integrated HD strategy.”

Blu-ray has also been a big gun in Sony’s arsenal that Stringer wants to make use of.

An early strategic victory in Stringer’s tenure has been winning support from Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures for Sony’s campaign to make Blu-ray the standard for next-generation DVD production despite those studios’ initial backing of the rival HD-DVD format, backed by Toshiba.

“Our alternative format … is based on the premise that if you are going to take the DVD to the next generation, the customer experience better be more exotic. So, Blu-ray offers far more capacity and the potential for 3G (third-generation wireless technology) and interactivity. The Blu-ray package has greater selling power than transitional technology. But our studio’s support for it, with so much of (the studio’s) content digitized, was a selling point,” Stringer said.

And guess what else? Comcast has its eye on the PS3 as well.

The promise of PS3 already has served as a catalyst for new business alliances for Sony. Comcast is in talks with Sony about ways it can joint venture on the PS3 and other Sony portable video devices to extend its brand into the wireless interactive space.

And in keeping with recent price rumours, the Hollywood Reporter also thinks it has an idea about how much the PS3 will cost.

In keeping with the PlayStation business model, PS3 will roll out at a loss for the first six months, then rapidly turn profits on game-license fees. PS3 will be bundled with a selection of preloaded films, TV programs and games and sell for between $300-$400.

I almost skipped over that article. I’m glad I didn’t! 🙂

Hollywood Reporter – Stringer banking on HD strategy for Sony rebound