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Interview with Koei

Koei has expanded to Canada, and Gamasutra recently got a chance to talk to some Koei developers after the expansion launch party in Toronto.

Koei Toronto is currently developing Fatal Inertia for the PlayStation 3 (PS3), and it will be a launch title.

When asked if Koei uses any middleware, Takazumi Tomoike responded:

Currently everything we use is coded by Koei. We create our own middleware and use it across several projects. However, we are looking at greater cooperation with other companies and using external middleware in the future.

On the question of the Xbox and Xbox 360 Kou Shibusawa says:

Microsoft were very enthusiastic and so we decided to support them with Xbox exclusive titles such as Crimson Sea. As a result of that, sales were less successful than we had hoped. However, Microsoft remains enthusiastic and we have a good relationship with them, just no concrete plans for further support of the Xbox 360.

Gamasutra – Koei Goes Canuck: On Koei Canada’s Expansionary Aims