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Nintendo to Attempt Simultaneous Launch

Nintendo’s European marketing chief Jim Merrick said that they will attempt to launch the Nintendo Revolution simultaneously in several markets. And by simulateneous, he means better than the DS’s 14 week spread.

I could live with that. His exact wording is “With DS, we were 14 weeks, which was the tightest Nintendo has ever been with a console launch and that was an achievement. But with Revolution, we expect to do better than that. That certainly is our goal.” So I don’t think he means better by a day. That’s not really better. Let’s say he means better by at least two weeks. That would leave a 12 week spread as the Revolution is launched, probably in Japan, Europe, and North America. Twelve weeks is just three months. A three month wait is really not such a bad wait. Totally within the realm “I’m not gonna get jealous”. Longer than that though…

Now, which is the bigger company, Sony or Nintendo? A better question might be, which is bigger, SCE or Nintendo? Well, Sony is definitely bigger. Sony Computer Entertainment might be about the same size, is my guess. Anybody know for sure?

So the question then becomes: If Microsoft can do it, and Nintendo can do, can Sony/SCE do it? Can Sony release the PlayStation 3 (PS3) in multiple markets nearly simultaneously? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say yes, yes they can. They do have the resources. So what’s stopping them? Seriously.

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