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Cell Patches, Cell Blade

CellThe recent SDK for the Cell chip also included extensions to Linux.

Now, IBM and Sony are providing the Linux operating system, compilers and utilities for the Cell Broadband Engine microprocessor.

The CBE Linux Reference Implementation Application Binary Interface Specification, V1.0 has been published simultaneously. IBM is distributing source patches for the Linux operating system.

Sony is distributing compilers and other technology. This code contains the GNU Compiler Collection (gcc) compiler for the SPE implemented by Sony.

This supports the standards defined in the SPU C/C++ Language Extensions V2.0, SPU Application Binary Interface Specification V1.3, and Synergistic Processor Unit (SPU) Instruction Set Architecture V1.0 documents previously released.

The companies also released the Cell Broadband Engine Software Development Kit, including a simulator. The IBM Full System Simulator executable provides a rich set of capabilities for architecture simulation of the processor, according to IBM.

the INQUIRER – IBM, Sony distribute Linux patches for Cell

In other news, there actually is a company making blade servers based on the Cell.

The Dual Cell-Based Blade is a flexible solution based on the Cell BE processor and the open BladeCenter® standard for managed server chassis. This blade solution significantly improves performance for graphic-intensive workloads and computationally intensive high-performance computing (HPC) applications in medical imaging, industrial inspection, aerospace and defense, seismic processing, telecommunications, and other industries. Performance scales dramatically when the application is distributed across multiple Dual Cell-Based Blades in a cluster or across the network.

Encouraging news for people looking forward to the PlayStation 3 (PS3) but getting deluged with news about the upcoming XBox 360 release.

Mercury Computer Systems – Dual Cell-Based Blade