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No HD For Revolution

Revolution has no HD.
Wait, Revolution migh have HD…

Uh, nope. It doesn’t.

* Million Dollar Baby SPOILER WARNING *

I just watched Million Dollar Baby yesterday, and man the ending is a bummer. The chick was doing so well! So much potential. Knocking ’em out all the time. And then BAM. That’s it. All over.

Is that what it’s going to be like with the Revolution? It’s going to have a good processor, good graphics, an interesting controller. But BAM, no HD. Today that might not be such a big deal, though my friend Steve is disappointed (he’s a current GameCube owner and will be buying an HDTV when he can). But what about 3 years from now? The HDTV landscape will be a lot different by then, and an SD console will be severely lacking.

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) and XBox 360 both support HD. And not just halfway. All Xbox 360 games have to support at least 720p. We don’t have word yet on what Sony will be mandating, though current thinking is that they won’t be that stringent (unfortunately). But the point is that both consoles will do HD extremely well.

What about the Revolution? Zilch. Nintendo: do the right thing. Support HD! – No HD For Revolution News Story