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NVidia 7800 GTX512 and the RSX

PSINext has a fascinating article analyzing NVidia’s new 7800 GTX512 and what it might mean for the PlayStation 3’s RSX chip, which is based on the G70 playform the 7800 also uses.

There’s a whole lot there, so you owe it to yourself to take a look. The RSX conjecture starts off with a bang:

First and foremost, for anyone that has been wondering whether or not it would be possible for Sony to reach it’s stated goal of 550 MHz with RSX, this release should put those fears firmly to rest. Not only has NVidia been able to do it with a 110nm chip (RSX will be 90nm), they have done it without any of the advanced low-k and silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technologies Sony will be using. In fact since the first leaks of the GTX512’s performance began to emerge a week ago, the tenor of the discussion has changed noticeably from wondering whether Sony would meet the 550 MHz clock in the first place to wondering how much they might exceed it by.

The article discusses whether the RSX will be run faster than 550MHz or not. Whether or not it’ll use new faster memory. And whether better anti-aliasing and HDR lighting support could be added.

PSINext – The NVidia 7800 GTX512: Insights Into RSX?