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Sony Propaganda? Puhleeeze.

PS3Why is everyone screaming “Sony propaganda” so frickin loud when Microsoft has so successfully propagandized the white blood cells out of every North American? Kutaragi makes a statement that the PS4 will be out within the next decade and everyone goes ape-toes. Duh! Consoles are on a 5 year cycle! So of course the PS4 (and the Xbox 1800) will be out within the next decade! Doesn’t take an Einstein to figure that one out. The dude’s an engineer! Therefore he talks like one. Engineers are always looking to the future. It’s natural to talk about this version and the next version of something in the same sentence. Just because normal folk don’t think that way doesn’t mean we have to read the world into his comments. At my current day job we are working on version X. We also think about what will go in version X+1. We were thinking about X+1 even back on X-1. No big deal.

Reading the comments on Joystiq’s post makes for quite an object lesson in brainwashing. The masses have it in for Sony and are singing Kumbaya for Microsoft. One poster goes so far as to say what Sony devices have failed for him recently. Does he really want to go there? ‘Cause he ain’t gonna win that one.

And uh… this is Microsoft we’re talking about, remember? The king of propaganda, bullying, and forcing inferior crap down our throats until our tastebuds are desensitized? Remember them? Them’s the same Microsoft as is selling the Xbox 360. Same Microsoft. There ain’t two of them. Just one.

Joystiq – Sony propaganda machine at it again?