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Video Game Crack

Researchers say that the same “physiological responses” that cause smokers to keep sucking death sticks are the same as the responses in brains of those who play a lot of video games.

Hmmm… that may explain a few things.

Like how every Thursday I get a craving to play video games with a few buds. (Friends, not beer.)

Seriously, though. I think video games can be addictive, but not to the same degree as drugs, which physically alter your chemistry. (Uh, I think.) A coworker of mine is heavily addicted to World of Warcraft. He has multiple characters on multiple servers and plays this game all the time. But at least he’s not destroying his body and family in the process. His body’s already destroyed, and his family plays online with him! 🙂

I have a feeling that a lot of things will go neglected once people get their Xbox 360’s, and later when the Revolution and PlayStation 3 (PS3) come out. But then things will go back to more or less normal, and things will continue as before. Can’t do that very easily with a crack addiction.

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