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Wait for the PS3?

Fortune magazine taunts with a title about waiting for the PlayStation 3 (PS3). But reading the article doesn’t give away anything new.

They point out that the PS3 will have a Blu-ray player, while the Xbox 360 doesn’t. The PS3 will supposedly be more powerful. (Although the consensus currently seems to be that they’ll be roughly equal.) Don’t forget that the PS3 will be backwards compatible! Yeah yeah. What else… oh yeah! Sony might slash the PS2 price to $100. How is that a good reason to wait for the PS3? I dunno.

How about this: if you’re an RPG fan, the PlayStation is the platform to be on. Historically it’s had the lion’s share of RPG’s, and that is likely to continue. What about Gran Turismo? The next installment will be PS3 only. Ditto for Metal Gear Solid. Formula 1? PS3. The PlayStation 2 has been the place for RPG’s, platformers, and some good racing games. The Xbox has been the place for FPS’s, and also some good racing games.

Because at the end of the day, it’s about the games. People have complained about the lack of a killer launch game for the Xbox 360’s launch. Well, it all depends on your outlook. What kind of gamer are you? What kind of games do you like? For many people, the PS3 will have the games they want. And the same is true of the Xbox 360’s launch today.

FORTUNE: Should you wait for the PS3?