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Xbox 360 Video Cables

For all of you readers buying an Xbox 360 today or in the near future, GameSpot has an article to help you figure out what video cables to use.

Kinda like my article, but with pictures! Lots of pictures. They have pictures comparing RF vs composite. And composite vs S-Video. And 480p vs 720p. Etc. One thing I don’t think they mentioned is that the difference between composite and S-Video is highly dependent on your TV. If you have a great 3D comb filter in there (like my Sony 35″ XBR CRT), then the difference will be negligible. If you don’t (like my Hitachi HDTV), then there will be a big difference.

But what it really comes down to is this: if your TV supports it, use component. Or VGA. You need one of those two to view HDTV. If you have a normal TV, use S-Video. And finally if you don’t have that either, use composite. What’s that? You don’t even have that? Then RF it is, though you’ll have to get yourself an RF modulator from Radio Shack in that case.

GameSpot – Xbox 360: Video Cable Comparison