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Middleware and the Developer

PSINext has a great article dispelling some of the myths around middleware. Middleware? Basically it’s software that developers use to write games. And by “use” I mean the software that actually runs on the console, not just the developer’s computer. For example, if I wrote a some computer code to calculate a lens flare and sold it to you, your code could make use of my code to create a lens flare whenever it wanted. Your code and my code would coexist together on the console while the game runs. That’s middleware. And with the PlayStation 3 (PS3) getting ready for release next year, middleware announcements have been cropping up all over the place. The most famous of which is the Unreal Engine 3.0.

So what are some of the myths? Here they are. But to find out whether they’re true or not, you’ll have to check out the article.

  1. Middleware provides final solutions to problems and difficulties that developers will face.
  2. Middleware products reduce the need for programming staff.
  3. Middleware products save time and money.
  4. Use of middleware products make it easier to find suitable talent.
  5. Everybody buying the same middleware will make all the games out there look the same.
  6. Middleware products for next-gen will smooth out the next-gen transition.
  7. Next-gen middleware means that the technical challenges of next-gen hardware will be no more.
  8. With engines like UE3 and NovodeX and Havok out there, gamers will finally get more of what they want.

That’s it! Take a look, see which ones you think are true, false, or maybe, and then see if you’re right over at PSINext.

PSINext – The Middleware Myth