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Sony Moving to Main Floor at CES

Does this portend great things for the PlayStation 3 at CES? Will revelations be revealed to revel in?

Sony is making a big stomp at C.E.S. in January by making the largest booth at the show. This will mark Sony’s return to the main floor of the show after a 10 year absence.

Mike Fasulo, chief marketing officer, said the objective of the 25,000-square-foot booth is “not only to collaborate across all of our divisions, but to show how consumer electronics is transforming consumer entertainment in the future.”

The booth itself will feature what Fasulo called several “pillars” which involve all aspects of HDTV, from broadcasting and professional equipment, to branded HDTVs and Blu ray, to other consumer products. PlayStation will also have a featured place at the new CES booth, as well as what Sony calls “e-Entertainment,” the newest developments in cellular phones, Walkman, Vaio PCs and LocationFree TV, among others.

It’s times like these that I wish someone would call me up and offer to send me there. The question is: will Sony be saying anything about the PS3? Personally, I think that it’ll be there but that not much new will be shown. Scratch that. Sony will be releasing all sorts of details at C.E.S. Uh… I dunno? Yeah, I think I’ll stick with door number 3. It’s times like these that I wish I had an inside source at Sony that could scoop me all sorts of details.

TWICE- Sony Moving To Main Show Floor At CES