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Revolution Developer Roundtable from

Interested in the Nintendo Revolution? Then has an article for you. They talk about several things, including the new controller and whether or not it’ll be used as a gimick. And whether Revolution games will be shorter than other games:

Revolution seems more geared towards family fun, so games of epic scope seem less necessary. There is concern about games being too gimmicky and not having long-term replay value beyond the initial concept, but I have confidence that many games will be addictive and provide long-term enjoyment with friends. There will be must-have games, as well as some duds. I think the games produced by Nintendo will be worth the price of admission. If long-term play becomes an issue, they could always make a game where you perform daily exercises with the pointer and watch your character get bulked up over time.

Developers also think that gamers will buy the Revolution in addition to the PS3 or Xbox 360, but that there will be a smaller installed base. This could cause problems:

I do have concerns as a developer. If the Revolution doesn’t offer a large enough install base, it will be a tough sell for companies to focus their development efforts on a single platform. At The Behemoth, we are a small team and can only make one game at a time. It’s great because we have tons of creative freedom and make the games we want to make. We serve a niche audience but we still have to watch our bottom line. The question arises as to whether we want to make a really cool, unique game for a very large potential audience, or if we want to make something for a niche platform with a much smaller but dedicated audience. If we come up with a game idea specifically for the Revolution that is just too fun to pass up, I’m sure we’ll do it. The other scenario is the Revolution will get a port of a game that works on the other consoles as well.

But on the issue of HD the developers are split. Tom Fulp from The Behemoth says “I don’t consider lack of HD support to be too big a deal at the moment. I’ve always been more of a frame-rate nut myself; I like my frame-rates fast and smooth.” But Randy Pitchford of Gearbox says “I’m an HDTV user, so for me this is a big deal. I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal in the market when the Revolution launches, but it’s going to be a much bigger deal in 2008 or 2009.” I agree with Randy! 🙂 – Revolution Developer Roundtable