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Microsoft 360 Backlash

Those Microsoft commercials are great! I saw the one with the balloons on TV a while ago and thought it was fun. The others I saw online. I like the gun one, which was never aired on TV (it was not banned, it just never made it). The taxi driver was the best.

But seeing these commercials and other advertising from Microsoft has some people upset. Why is Microsoft pushing the 360 so hard when you can’t even walk into a store and pick one up?

Some people are taking exception to this. They think that Microsoft should stop what they’re doing and wait for the channel to get some decent supply of 360’s before turning on the advertising faucet.

Personally, I don’t care. If Microsoft wants to make people aware of the 360, that’s up to them. Creating demand is what companies have to do, and if you want to buy a 360, you’re probably willing to wait until one becomes available. That’s Microsoft’s thinking, and I don’t think they’re far off.

Low availability is part of a console launch. That’s a fact. If advertising bothers you so much, then turn off your TV.

Discuss here or in the new forums.

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