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Xbox 360 title to Fill 4 Discs?

If you’ve been a long time reader, then you may remember that a long time ago I mentioned a Japanese game developer questioning the small capacity of the DVD drive built into the Xbox 360. (I’m too lazy to look it up. But feel free!) At the time there was a small debate about whether or not disc capacity would ever become a problem for the 360.

It seems like it has.

According to this Joystiq article, a premium Xbox 360 title will have to be shipped on four discs! That’s what, 36GB dual-layer DVD or 18GB single-layer DVD. Gosh, 36GB would easily fit on one dual-layer Blu-ray disc, or one triple-layer HD DVD disc. 18GB would fit on a one single-layer Blu-ray or one dual-layer HD DVD disc. Makes me think that maybe Microsoft shoulda stuck an HD DVD drive or Blu-ray drive into the 360.


Couldn’t have done that now. Then they wouldn’t have had that 6 to 12 month lead over the PS3! Ho ho ho. What was I thinking? (eHomeUpgrade asks why the 360 didn’t ship with an HD DVD drive. This is why! Just my personal opinion.)


All kidding aside, how many games do you think this problem will affect? Is it a problem at all? Is the Blu-ray drive in the PlayStation 3 really going to be all that helpful to gaming companies, or is it just part of the media center thing?

Joystiq – Certain “highly anticipated” Xbox 360 title filling four discs worth of space