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Analysts Shmanalysts

360Japanese analysts are trash-talking the 360, comparing it to the PlayStation 3 and complaining about its lack of newly-developed titles for the Japanese launch.

As a long time reader, you probably know my opinion of analysts. With their crystal balls and soothsaying, how can you trust them?

So even though they’re predicting a walk in the park for the PS3, my personal console of choice, I still won’t believe it till I see it.

“We had previously thought that Xbox 360 could gain a major share of the Japanese market by taking some market share from front-runner Sony Computer,” says an analyst for Mitsubishi UFJ Securities. “But we now think that such a prospect may not be realized, given the limited attractiveness of its titles and its lukewarm functions.”

“No one — consumers or software makers — has been talking about the Xbox 360 lately, although we only have a couple of days before the release,” said another analyst from Tokai Tokyo Research Center. “Given also the fact that basic functions of Xbox 360 are inferior to Sony’s next-generation machine, and that there are not many newly-developed titles ready for the Japanese launch, Xbox 360 is not likely to become a must-buy console here in Japan,” he added. – Japanese Analysts Diss the Xbox 360