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Unreal Tournament 2007 at 720p

PS3I just mentioned that UT 2007 will be released for the PlayStation 3 (PS3). In a different article about the same topic, PS3 Updates has some additional information from PSM magazine.

Yes, the game is targeted to run at 1280×720, a.k.a. 720p resolution if you have a high-definition display. We asked Epic Games vice president Mark Rein, who was also present at the demo, about the target frame rate. “It’s simply too early to say, but we’re aiming for it to be as high as possible,” he responded. For the record, the 720p, totally un-optimized build running on hardware less powerful than the final PS3 spec was clipping along at 49fps.

We asked Rein about the now famous E3 demo of UE3. How difficult was it, really, to get it up and running? “The only trick we did to make sure that the lighting looked right and shadows looked right when we were doing our E3 demo was to change the mode in the game engine from Direct X to Open GL,” he confirmed, adding: “There’s no difference in what you see running of this test bed PC [a high-end system with a $500+ NVIDIA 7800GTX video card] and the PS3, which is really amazing.”

“People are going to be totally blown away when the get a PS3 and play it,” Rein continued. “PC gamers are used to having the absolute cutting edge graphics – console players are just going to say ‘Wow!’” As for how PS3 will ultimately run the game? “When you see the [final] game running on PS3, it’s going to be smoother [than on the PC]. You’re not going to have the operating system in the way and all the other things that can make a PC game look ‘poppy,’” he said. Driving home the point, he added: “People ask me what the next generation is going to offer other than better graphics, and I say ‘Stop! Go back and look at the graphics!’ Don’t downplay that. People spend $600 on a video card to get this kind of performance on their PC, and this is a potentially sub- $500 console!”

Now that’s cool. I just quoted all the interesting stuff in one go, because I though you’d all get a kick out of it.

PSM – Unreal Tournament 2007 for PS3