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Slow Xbox 360 Japanese Start

360According to GameSpot, plenty of Xbox 360 consoles were available throughout the launch weekend in Japan.

But after hardcore gamers made their purchases, many 360 units remained unsold. For example, the Akihabara branch of Yodobashi Camera promoted the Xbox 360 heavily. It established a dedicated area and cash register for the machine, where many customers stopped to check out a trailer of the 360’s forthcoming adventure game Ninety-Nine Nights. However, most visitors walked away without buying a 360. On Sunday evening, one of the busiest shopping times in the weekend, over two dozen Xbox 360s were stacked up behind the 360 cash register and several idle, bored-looking sales assistants.

I think that Microsoft was hoping for a little better. But they have a long way to go, and Microsoft has always been most persistent. Deep wallets and everylasting patience usually win out in the end.

GameSpot – Japanese Xbox 360 sales off to slow start