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UT2007 Keyboard & Mouse

If you’re a regular reader you already knew that Unreal Tournament 2007 was coming to the PS3.

But did you know that it would support keyboard and mouse action on the PS3? Ever since it was announced ages ago that the PS3 would support keyboard and mouse, people have been wondering if software developers would use that support. And it seems like the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Well, at least if you’re Epic.

Not only that, but UT 2007 is “aimed for launch alongside the Playstation 3”. Which makes it a launch title. Mucho impresso.

Speaking about the technical capability of the console, Epic games vice president Mark Rein revealed that on a less-powerful development kit the game was currently running at around 50fps. “There’s no difference in what you see running of this test bed PC [a high-end system with a $500+ NVIDIA 7800GTX video card] and the PS3, which is really amazing,” said Rein.

“PC gamers are used to having the absolute cutting edge graphics – console players are just going to say ‘Wow!'” He bellowed. “When you see the game running on PS3, it’s going to be smoother. You’re not going to have the operating system in the way and all the other things that can make a PC game look ‘poppy’.”

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