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Bond, James Bond

I’m a fan of the Bond movies, but not a rabid one. As such, I find some of them a bore and others a treat. The next film is called Casino Royale, and EA is working on the associated game. And that game will be PS3/360 exclusive, if is to be believed.

Intriguingly though, instead of being the multi-platform release that usually accompanies all things Bond from EA, Casino Royale is being targeted directly at the next gen on both PS3 and Xbox 360, although there’s no word of a Revolution version yet.

Work on the game has apparently already begun and concept artwork and some of the 3D modeling of Casino Royale’s characters is already finished. The game will apparently share the third-person perspective of recent release From Russia With Love and be based on the movie’s plot, which has a new beginning and ending, with Fleming’s novel neatly sandwiched in to provide both movie and game’s middle section.