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EA Talks Next-Gen

In a conference call with analysts (or whatever), EA revealed a few interesting pieces of information.

Jenson then specifically cited the Xbox 360 launch, although commenting that “it’s gone extremely well: in North America and Europe”, he indicated that he and his colleagues “don’t see [the Xbox 360] getting to the installed base numbers we expected.” So even though it’s going extremely well, at the same time it’s not going as well as expected. Hmmm…..

he mentioned the consumer belief that the PlayStation 3 may be launching in Spring 2006, noting that it’s “causing some people to stay on the sidelines”, even though EA believes that a second-half 2006 launch is much more likely for the console in America. Well, I don’t know what consumers he’s talking to, but I mostly hear that people think it’ll launch in Japan in the spring and fall in North America. And then people hope they’re wrong. 🙂

Gamasutra – EA Reduces Forecast, Talks Xbox 360, PS3 Issues