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Asia & Americas in Same Region

If you like the more colourful games from Japan, you’ve been out of luck unless you chipped your PS2. Gord (of Acts of Gord fame) actually has a colourful anecdate about these kind of console modifications.

This may be a thing of the past with the PS3.

Supposedly the Blu-ray format will lump the Americas into the same region as Japan and the rest of Asia. This means no more mod chips for those wanting to play games only available in Japan.

This doesn’t help me, of course. I personally don’t care about those strange Japanese games not available here. I’m more interested in those Formula 1 games that only appear in Europe. Alak and alas, Europe and Africa will be in different regions than North America.

It’s time we loosed the shackles and got rid of region encoding altogether! Software publishers don’t have to use it, from what I understand. So lets hope they stop using that artificial and barbaric process.

C&VG – PlayStation 3 GOES Multi-Region?