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Tommy Tallarico

If you’ve ever watched Reviews on the Run, you’ve seen Tommy Tallarico. Hint: he’s the short one. It’s a great show I enjoy a lot. The guys are funny, and they talk/argue about video games. They know their stuff. A couple weeks back Mr. Tallarico made some interesting comments on the IGN forums about PS3 development, and was making the rounds. I forgot about, but remembered today, and I’ll post what he said in case you haven’t seen it:

Unfortunately I am under strict NDA and cannot mention any titles. The gameplay graphics look a little better than minor… but it more of the way the worlds and environments are being created and built. For example… in Project Gotham racing if you stop on the side of the road and look at a tree… it is basically just two texture maps pasted together in a cross pattern (like games have done for the past 10 years)… but some of the stuff I’m seeing on the PS3 has every element of a tree including branches, leaves, etc… and it all gets affected by the wind as your car passes by… as well as the lighting. Not saying the 360 CAN’T do that… I’m just saying that from what I’ve seen…. I’m a lot more impressed with the 1st generation PS3 titles compared to the 1st gen 360 titles.

I have no reason to think that Mr. Tallarico is lying, though I wonder if what he’s seen on the Xbox 360 isn’t the best the platform has to offer. Either way, the news is encouraging.

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